Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook guy!

this is my first blog so I am just going to rant a little about stuff that makes me mad. hopefully any one who reads this can relate to this stuff and if you do let me know.
first things first, I HATE cats, and guess what I hate people who like cats just as much. I have a sixth sense about cat people, I can tell if someone is a cat person or if they just like cats with in minutes of meeting a person.
now that I got that off my chest lets move on to facebook stalker guy or girl. but mostly facebook guy. you know who you are. this is the pathetic D-bag who's girlfriend dumped him and now he is out on Facebook prowling for chicks that he went to high school with. guess what facebook guy these girls didn't want you in high school and they don't want a slightly fatter, slightly older model either. when ever I come across one I cant help but look at their profile. It is always the same story. just picture after picture of himself lifting weights shirtless. or just getting out of the pool. multiple pics that are like 10 years old so you cant see how fat he got. oh yes. facebook guy has given me many hours of laughter. I have like 10 of them on my friends list right now. when ever i am feeling down I just take a short trip through pathetic profiles. the only thing that may be worse than facebook guy is the person who is on facebook trying to cheat on their spouse or significant other. you have seen the type. under relationship status it says "its complicated." what? hey Steve I saw your status said complicated. you've been married for five years how is that complicated? I guess what you really meant to say was I am in a relation ship but I still like to fool around. cause that makes more seance. let me just go out on a limb here and say if your relationship status says "its complicated" then you are a LOSER. And I know someone will try to defend themselves and say well my wife and I have an understanding. really, its complicated because your spouse lets you fool around on them? that's sick first of all. normal people do not do that. I have an understanding with my girlfriend, #1 we only have sex with each other and #2 if I look at her relationship status and it says complicated, then I will un complicate things by saying see ya! and vice versa! that's what normal people do. so facebook guy lets towel off the baby oil and put a shirt on, maybe take down the pics from when you were 20 and stop hitting on women via facebook. Now I have something to say to facebook guy #2 the adultery FB guy. Just stop, its groose every one knows what your doing, you arn't fooling any one but your self, and if your relationship is complicated now just wait till your wife finds your FB page. LOL!


  1. I think I'm going to enjoy following this! And I agree with most of that, btw!

  2. ok so you were weird in high school and you are still weird now just to get that off my chest but any i agree with chantel and ill be following this too