Friday, December 18, 2009

My ego

I have heard some people say that all bloggers are self centered and self absorbed. It seams that many people blog only to feed their own ridiculous egos. well that's not me in case you were wondering I am not self serving or self centered and I don't have a big ego to protect. actually I am quite modest.
That being said I would like to go on and talk a little bit about my self. I am what some would call the bees knees. I am way smarter than most people and you might even call me kind of a big deal. yup, I am pretty much the Just thought you degenerates would like to know how cool I am. In fact I am so smart and so charismatic that I could probably have my own cult and have beautiful women worship me as a god. Instead I choose to keep my mundane construction job, just so I can write this blog for the two people who read it.
I really hope that someone gets that joke other wise I will just look like a D-bag.LOL

On my way home today I grew tired of the radio. so as not to get to bored (or sleepy) on my commute I switched the tuner to random search. All of the sudden I stumbled across something horrifying. A twanging country music song floated from the radio and came pouring out of my speakers like a rancid cloud of nerve gas drifting through the barbed wire of a Nazi concentration camp. the song title was white liar preformed by Miranda Lambert. as I listened I sneered and felt sick to my stomach. "whom ever wrote this is a talent less hack and should be hunted down like a rabid dog" I thought to my self.
I had to look this song up on YouTube so that I could write about how horrid contemporary country music is. and as I listened to it the second time the heebie jeebies crept up my bones and shook me at my very core. for those of you who are not familiar here is a quote from that song. (truth comes out a little at a time. And i spreads just like a fire. slips off your tongue like turpentine. and i don't know why white liar.)
please just think about that for a moment. are you done trying yet. the first time I read it I thought I was reading it wrong. but no. I thought really hard about it then I went cross eyed.
the reason that I went cross eyed was because it makes no seance at all. First of all most people that aren't retarded tend to try to keep turpentine away from their mouths. don't they? I know that I do. the thing that really makes me mad about record labels ruining country music is that these no talent writers and the people that they hire to sing the songs on stage are representing small town, and country people on the national stage. And then you wonder why people from the city think that people from the country are mindless hicks.
All I have left to say is that I would rather drink turpentine than hear any more of this garbage on the radio. and shame on those of you that listen to it. In the words Of Hank William's grand son. "some say that I am ill mannered, some say that i will self destruct, but If you knew what I am thinking you'll know that pop country really sucks!"

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  1. dusty- your delivery and wit is pretty awesome. you should definitely tailor your blog more to comedy. you're good at it!