Thursday, December 17, 2009

pot stench

Rapper Lil Wayne has sold millions of records. he can write a platinum album and he can preform in front of thousands of fans at any given time. the one thing he cant do according to his realtor is get rid of the overwhelming stench of pot that has soaked in to every nook and crevice of his Miami apartment. the smell is so powerful that when ever any one is interested in touring the home the sales persons first question will be and i quote " dose the stench of marijuana offend you?". apparently the condo smells like the inside of a bong even when their is no one home. dose any one know how much pot you would have to smoke to get that smell to linger for days? and this isn't like you can just run a rug doctor around and get rid of it. it sounds like the gonge stink is so bad that potential buyers are shying away from it even tho it is reasonably priced at around 500 g. A reasonably priced luxury app. in Miami that is also a celebrity listing wont sell because it stinks worse than Jerry Garcia's casket. that is ridiculous. first of all the people touring it say that the house is incredibly clean, and very very appealing. so that stench must be incredible. just think of what the inside of that guys lungs must look like. potential buyers are having contractors come in the home and give estimates on how much it will cost to scrape the chronic residue off the walls and Lil Wayne doesn't even care. Its like a meat locker or butchers shop. no matter how hard you scrub or how many times a day you power wash the equipment and walls your not getting that smell out. that's just funny. keep it up little Wayne!

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