Thursday, January 7, 2010


This cold weather is horrible.

leaving my dog outside all day when I am at work makes me feel like a Nazi, Especially when it is negative 20 outside. but it goes without saying that I cant leave him in the house alone. The moment I am out that door he will precede to go wild. carefully sniffing my shoes to find the most expensive pair to chew on. then he would precede to the living room to take a dump behind the sofa, and follow that up by rubbing his genitals all over my favorite pillow.

He has never done any of these things that I know of, But the sneaky little bastard cant be trusted, I can see it in his eyes.

Oh yes the dog and I have this strange love hate thing going on. I am his best friend as well as his worst enemy, and vice versa. You can feel the tension in our relationship building. many sleepless nights are spent laying awake waiting for him to make his move. will it be a poison capsule in my morning breakfast or possibly a ball bat to the head after I doze off. The only reason I am still alive today is because that son of a bitch doesn't have the opposable digits required to use my shotgun.

one thing is certain he is dangerous. The neighborhood squirrel use to taunt him from out side the gate,then suddenly know one hears from him ever again. about a week ago I found that squirrels stiff corps in the toe of my work boot. It was like a message from a mob boss telling me I am next.

this could be the last thing I ever write so please if I don't make it tell the cops that they should investigate my dog. I have to go. He may be watching me.

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